wallace film premiere

I helped make a documentary called Wallace, and it just made its world premiere at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Now, we’re bringing the short film back to its hometown on the last Friday & Saturday of April.

Where: The Sixth Street Melodrama & Theater in Wallace, Idaho
Dates and Times: April 26th and 27th, with showings at 6:30 and 7:30 pm
Price: Free

We encourage donations to the Melodrama, so please bring some cash with you. Tickets are now only available at the door, on a first-come-first-served basis only.

If you reserved tickets already and haven’t picked them up yet, your tickets will be available at the Melodrama. I will be there, too, so just ask for me if you run into any problems!

Here’s some press and photos…

Channel 3 News Story:

Shoshone News Press story: https://www.shoshonenewspress.com/local_news/20190420/wallace_gets_the_spotlight_in_new_documentary?fbclid=IwAR3N_lTyyhTmlovhWtsk35_49mi7mcRk2eEzb2UUv9JLzqVKEeZs6Ufr5Ag


2 thoughts on “wallace film premiere

  1. Meagan Fehling

    I saw this in April and it is fantastic! I told my friends about it and they want to see it too. Where can we view this film? We will be in Wallace for our annual trip on June 11th. Is there any possibility we could see it then?

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    1. Heather Branstetter Post author

      Hi Meagan, thanks for your feedback 🙂 We aren’t planning to show it again until Fall for History the first weekend of October, and possibly in August. It’s still in festival circulation, so distribution and publication is limited until probably about March of 2020 or so. I may be out of town June 11, but let me look into whether or not we could arrange a showing at the Wallace District Mining Museum… I’ll follow up via email.



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